Need Help Training An Aggressive Dog?

And Aggressive dog and children do not mix.

Aggressive dog

If you find your dog is becoming an aggressive dog then  there are a few different options available to you.

The first option presented to you would be to just say goodbye to your dog (not necessarily the best option). Many people love their dog’s and treat them as part of the family and would never even consider this option but for others it is the way they go.

If you do decide that you want to get rid of your aggressive dog then make sure you find him a safe home. You should never just let your dog go out the door. Dogs are no longer breed to be wild animals so they would be truly unsafe out on their own.

An even better option for a truly aggressive dog  would be to have a dog trainer train him.

There are many different classes you can take your aggressive dog to and most everywhere has dog trainers. Google it!  If you decide to train your dog yourself, do not worry if you encounter some dog training problems. This is normal and you and your dog will be able to overcome the dog training mishaps. Be calm and patient with your animal.

One type of dog training is clicker training. If clicker dog training is done correctly you will see a major improvement in your dog’s behavior. The beauty of clicker training for dogs is that after a while of using the clicker you will have a dog that listens to your commands without the need of using the clicker or dog treats.

When using a clicker it is all about timing. If you get this wrong all of your effort will be wasted.

The second that your dog follows your command you need to click with the clicker and give them a treat. If you click to late your dog will only know that you are being very nice and giving him lots of treats.

Another thing to know about clicker training is that you do not want your dog to see the clicker in your hand. Another thing you can do is click using your tongue when your dog has gotten accustomed to the sound of clicking.

No matter how you are going to train your dog make sure you are using positive and safe dog obedience training methods. Not only will negative training methods hurt your dog but you will also notice a decline in your dogs behavior over time.

If you think your dog is aggressive now, just wait, you will have an even more aggressive dog if you follow negative training techniques. Over time it is possible for your aggressive dog to become again the fun loving puppy that it once was.

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