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Todays Blog Talk Radio Show covered the list of best to worst dog foods. It is crazy hard trying to fit so much into 15 minutes yet I am concerned that listeners could get bored if I go for 30 minutes. In due time. If I had a conversation going with a caller it would be easier. This will take some time.

So for the record, I wanted to write down my recipe for the chicken dinner that I cook for my six pack of dogs.

Here is what I do:

I whole chicken, defrosted, skin removed, into a pressure cooker that is full with water to the 2/3’s mark. Not more than that. Cutting the up chicken helps even distribution.

Put on the lid and cook until it sizzles. Then at that point turn it down and set a timer to go off in 90 minutes. Could be less time, but depends on the chicken size, the pressure cooker and the size of your flame. I think that this time covers it for sure. The goal is for the bones to be soft enough that when you grap one it can be pinched in your fingers, easily collapsing under pressure. Hence, pulverized bones.

If you want to save some broth, poor it separately into a deep see- through container and place in the frig. Once really cold the fat will rise and harder on the top and you can remove the fat. It is important to NOT FEED CHICKEN FAT to your dog as it will easily upset their system resulting in diarrhea. If I use broth I use ever so little, just for some flavor because I have had diarrhea just too many times.

Now flip the chicken out of the pot into the strainer. Run fresh cold water over it all, rinsing away fat. As it cools start to put your hands through up, shredding the chicken up and crushing all the bones. Mix it all together so you have bones throughout the chicken.

You might take this rather dryish mix of bones and chicken and store it in a zip lock baggy, dividing it up into meals. If you have just one dog, this chicken could last the whole week. I would freeze half of it. Don’t ever feed a mix that is more than 3 days old!! Unless it came from the freezer recently.

Each day, soak a kibble, preferably grain free, for about 30 minutes in enough water to cover all the dry kibble. Grain free kibble is slow to absorb water so be patient. This extra moisture benefits your dogs health. A dogs needs a 70% moisture rich diet. If you are just feeding dry kibble the amount of moisture is roughly 12%. Bad! A dehydrated system will cause eventual organ damage. Could take 3-6 years but will eventually happen.

Now add your chicken mix over the wet kibble. Stir it all together. Feel for bones that are not crushed. A pokey/sharp bone is BAD. Get rid of any bone fragments that are not soft enough.[ In some cases I have turned back on the pressure cooker when i find many hard bone pieces. This means I did not cook it long enough.]

Now ADDTIIONALLY add over the top of your mixed kibble;

Ground Flax Meal by Red mills. About 1 teaspoon per 30 pound dog. Mix in well.
ALSO, Prick an oil capsule of fish oil and squeeze over the whole thing too.

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Hoping to get callers on my show eventually. If you have a good questions about something that ails your dog and you don’t know what to do, lets see if I can find you an answer. My #1 referal is Dr. Andrew Jones Veterinary secrets revealed book. It is sort of like my bible for the health of my dogs.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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