All Natural Dog Food or Not?

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If I had not researched this topic myself, I might have supposed it was hype. But,  researcher I am. That is what the PH.D. actually stands for.  So after the dog recall scare I got very involved. I came across the study of a group of dogs that lived their whole lives on natural RAW foods only.  Out of a huge group of dogs, the average lifespan was indeed 27 years. I was startled by that possibility. Imagine that. For real!

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I was also just starting to get very involved in breeding. I felt huge concern for healthy puppies. My breed, FrenchBull dogs have cesearians and can have difficulties with breathing for their squished faces. I once had a sick Momma dog that I never dared breed again. That same time another dog has a sick puppy and one died. I was terrified to ever again deal with health issues.  I was only interested in Natural Dog Care at this point. I didn’t sleep much in those weeks before. So I was very motivated to do what I could for healthy momma dogs and babies. Hence my search for the truth.  This was also during the time of the food recall, which by the way, killed many more dogs than the media ever let be told.

So I came across this book and this news bulletin and felt supported for what i had learned. Until now when I talked about the urgency of diet to other people I sensed that they found me opinionated. Now I can tell you it is not just me. It is the truth. It is our world and I suggest you start doing your own research now and begin with this quality book. I couldn’t have written it better myself.  If you dissagree  after your purchase you can get your money back and keep the book. You have nothing to loose.

So go ahead and take steps toward keeping our lovely dog

in your life for a longer time with more quality.

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