What To Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate

Dog poisoned induce vomitingChocolate Dog?

The day began with my dog eating the leftovers of a chocolate Éclair!  How much did she eat? How long ago? How much chocolate was in that frosting?  In my anxious state, knowing only that Chocolate is BAD for a dog, I knew that I needed to do something. But what exactly? These are the kind of things that a book can tell you on the page, but until you go through it, experience it, feel the emotion associated with the experience, only then will you commit it to memory. I had my guide book, Vet Secrets Revealed. I could very easily look things up in there. Like , how do I make my dog throw up? I knew this, but not the dose by heart. I also know that chocolate is BAD for the dog, but how much is really toxic.  Did I need to be worried, or was it just not enough? What I learned will now be committed to memory.  We survived the chocolate. But I do feel a need for one place to tell you the whole truth because I could not find it all that way.  My Vet Secrets book revealed how to make the dog throw up, the dose and the after ingredient. Another two sites on-line gave me minimal details about chocolate quantity toxicity.  The on- line resources said to go to the vet to get a shot to make her throw up. The Vet book doesn’t talk specifically about chocolate,  only poisoning in general.  So what is the whole story. Theobromine is the stimulant in chocolate that is similar to caffeine. In the worst case scenario you dog can experience problems with the heart and the nervous system, making him terribly sick and in severe cases it could cause death. Different kinds of chocolate have different doses of theobromine. MILK CHOCOLATE ; roughly one square is equal to 1 ounce which has 45 mg of Theobromine. The toxic dose would be at one ounce eaten per pound of body weight. So, if your dog weighs 10 pounds and eats a whole entire candy bar, 10 squares, this is very bad. If your 100 pound dog eats a candy bar, this would be only 1/10th the toxic dose, and hence not so bad. You wouldn’t have to panic. SEMI SWEET chocolate has 260 mg. per ounce. It is toxic for each ounce per 3-6 pound of body weight. So, this is much stronger.  A 10 pound dog could only ingest 2 squares (2 oz.) having the same toxicity level of an entire milk chocolate candy bar. BAKERS CHOCOLATE is much stronger yet, containing 450 mg. per ounce, being toxic at only 1 square (1 oz.) per 10 pounds of body weight. COCOA BEANS have 450-1500 mg per ounce.  They become toxic at one ounce ingested per 10-33 pounds body weight. If your dog eats chocolate at a lower does than these measurements than probably you will have a dog with digestive upset such that vomiting and diarrhea may occur.  This can happen right away or maybe not until the next day.

My suggestions is this: If in doubt do the following two things;



Dose the hydrogen peroxide at 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds.  Remember the shot you could go to your vet and get? This works splendidly. Dose the dog once. My 30 pound dog got 3 teaspoons (1 tablespoon).  Remember that 5ml. is 1 teaspoon. It is easiest to take up in a syringe. They often have ml. measurements on them.  Squirt into the back of the mouth. If you don’t have a syringe, soak it up in bread. My dog hated it that way, but I have heard it can work too. If no reaction, dose ONLY 1 MORE TIME, same dose.  I have never not had it work for various reasons that I have had to induce vomiting. But if after 2 doses there is no result then I would GO TO THE VET. Optimistically speaking, after the dog throws up, give activated charcoal capsules.  I have never been actually able to find a dose on this. I looked everywhere. I have experimented with this. Basically, not any dog has ever had an adverse reaction to any dose I gave. Today I gave 2 capsules. If we use that as a gauge, how about 1 capsule per 15 pounds. Charcoal is entirely NON TOXIC and absorbs, like a sponge, any bad stuff inside the stomach or the intestine. Think of your water filtration system, it is full of charcoal.  It removes chlorine from the tap water and will remove other things from your dogs tummy. So, be safe and ALWAYS have Hydrogen Peroxide and Activited Charcoal in your medicine cabinet, with a syringe on standby. Don't let your dog become a "chocolate dog".

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