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6 Calling All DogsSimple dog Training Tip:

This little video (see link at end of article). came to me this morning just shortly after breathing a sigh of relief when my dog Gigi came running back to me from nearly a 1/4 mile away after having her “shit eating” party with the neighbor’s horse. Yum. But yuk. Despite her party she came a runnin’. But in that moment before I had my doubts and realized that I could be using a better method for “come”. What if she couldn’t hear me for the distance between us?

We live out in the country, in case you didn’t know. And, sometimes my dogs hang out front of our house, without a fence, watching the property. The only reason I wasn’t freaked out was because I know that this particular dog comes to me well. In her case I sing out her name “Gigila come”.  I have to squat down to get the quickest response. At that she will come running from nearly a quarter mile away.  It is interesting that she does better when I kneel down.  I guess I got this going when I started refusing to “go to” the dogs when I called them and they didn’t come. I would stand still and crouch down with the leashes in my hand. I also sometimes clank the leashes together. You know those extentible leashes with the hard retractable casing. I click on the case. Works well. So, without thought, I have been doing this for a while and now I notice that Gigi associates me calling her to come with crouching down and that means to her also that it is time for a walk.  So, herewith, this video. I know you can incorporate new tools into training at any time. Just be consistant and patient. I am going to get a whistle myself. I will use it first in addition to my other “come” commands. But eventaully, I should be able to only whislte. This will be great for long distances, and also for short simple calls at meal time. Sometimes it seems silly how many names I am calling out for everyone to come. Good idea  Whistle time!  Enjoy this website, a wealth of information. 🙂

Here is the link.

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