Do you have a Dog with Bad Breath?

Are you smooching a dog with bad breath?


Dog with Bad Breath

I imagine you brushed your teeth last night didn’t you?  But here’s the real question, did you brush your pets?  Now we know where the saying ‘bad dog breath’  comes from.  As a dog owner, your canine dental care has got to be an ongoing part of your pets grooming plan to make sure plaque attack does not become an issue or else you will end up with a dog with bad breath.

With dogs, plaque build up can lead to the growing of bacteria and eventually a dog with bad breath.

Bacteria grows in the plaque and tartar areas, eating away at the teeth and the gums which causes you to have a  dog with bad breath, periodontal disease, tooth loss, and needless to say, mouth soreness.  Evidently this is not fun for your pet.  But the issues do not even end there either.   The bacteria can go on to negatively impact your animal's vital organs such as the heart. You've heard the saying, 1 ounce of prevention is worth one pound of cure; a great motto to follow.

To reduce the likeliness of dog plaque building  upin their mouth, and a dog with bad breath,  develop your pet's dental care plan.

Get in the habit to look at your pet's mouth examining the condition of the canine's gums to make sure they are not sore, inflamed or bleeding.  Ensure that his teeth are not loose or missing any. Starting when your canine is young enough, brushing your dog’s teeth routinely is best.  There are different dog toothbrushes veterinary dental doctors will recommend.  When they are little, begin with a finger brush is a great way to begin and then from there you can move on to different methods.  Don't forget you can always ask your vet for advice. Special Note:  It is very important to absolutely NOT use human toothpaste on the animal because it could possibly make them nauseous.  Aquire one that is made precisely for your animals. Baking Soda, arm and hammer, is a safe alternative. I add a droplet of fish oil from a vitamin pill and they like that just fine. If brushing is not an option there are mouth rinses, sprays and pet chews that can be purchased for the canine's oral treatment, all there to alleviate a dog with bad breath, the build up of plaque, and the problems that can come up from it. If you have neglected to get a dental program a little too long now, you might have to have the pet's teeth professionally cleaned in order for the plaque to be abstracted from their teeth.  If your dog has severe dental issues then the veterinarian will probably refer you to a veterinary dental practitioner to help you to cure the problems.

Having a dog with bad breath does not need to be an issue at all.

As a animal owner, you probably want to be able to snuggle with your pet.  Unfortunately they cannot create their own dental care program, nor can they clean their teeth themselves, so you may have to create a plan that works for you & your pet.  The key is to not delay.  Obviously the younger your pet when you start brushing their teeth or using an oral rinse or spray, the easier it will be, but even if your canine is older, implementing a dental care plan is a must to stop a Plaque Attack.  Just think about it, having a dog with healthy teeth and healthy gums, rather than a dog with bad breath, will go a long way ensuring the two of you stay closer.

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