A Dogs Cancer can be provoked by what you feed them.

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I got this letter from my favorite vet today. He is my mentor of sorts. I learn from him all the time. And I have long since known about the dangers of dog food. I have already written about it here on my blog. But stil, even my closest friends, resist the truth. I tried to convert one dear friend who is feeding her recently adopted 10 year old dog food with these very ingredients discussed here at the end of this article.  He is also very overweight. She hadd been gone for 2 months so when the dog saw her one can only imagine the emotinal expereince for the dog. Naturally he thought she was long since gone forever.  And imagine what this dog has been through in his past. She has him only becuase he was abandoned and in a shelter. She started to foster him and now has fallen in love. But, he needs care. He missed her . She is home. He started diarrhea . He has been on a new good food for 1 week at that point with no problems. But now he starts to poopin. She blames it on the good food and puts him back on the old bad food. I sent her numerious reports. Yet, she will not listen. She is sold on the name brand. It is the same one that vets sell. And now, from the mouth of a vet whose dog died of cancer. Here is what he has to say.

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My name is Dr. Andrew Jones.I am a veterinarian, and I currently own the Nelson Animal Hospital in Nelson BC, Canada, along with founding the Second Chance Animal
Shelter. I’ve been a practicing veterinarian for over 15 years. During many of those years I was the proud owner of “Hoochie”, a beautiful mixed breed dog who brought joy and companionship to me and my family.

But as I am writing you today, my beloved Hoochie is no longer withus. He passed on at the young age of 8… from a deadly Spleen cancer that I now know could have been prevented.

After my years of extensive research, I’ve discovered that there is one PRIMARY reason why serious illness and diseases in dogs have
increased dramatically over the last decade…In fact, this is the SINGLE most important reason why my dog Hoochie
developed Spleen Cancer and died.


It seems as though the more fancy dog foods that come out, the more sickness and cancers us veterinarians are seeing every day.

Pet food labels can be deceiving. They only provide half the story. The other half of the story is hidden behind obscure ingredients listed on the labels. Bit by bit, over seven years, I have been able to unearth information about what is contained in most commercial pet food.

At first I was shocked,but my shock turned to anger when I realized how little the consumer is told about the actual contents of the pet food.”

The long and the short of it is that today’s pet foods are made up of waste that is leftover from processing human food – blood, bone, ligaments, tails, etc.

Worse off, in some cases, euthanized animals have made their way into pet food… dogs and cats from shelters, and other livestock
that had to be put down.Not good.

The Pet Food Recall and TOXIC Dog Food

You may have heard of the big Pet Food Recall in 2007, in which tens of thousands of cans of food were recalled and pulled from the shelves.

Don’t you think it’s fair to say that there would not have been a recall if efforts were made to ensure the food was safe for consumption in the first place?

You may have also heard of the controversy around the pet food preservative called “Ethoxyquin”…

The FDA tested this preservative and found that it was unhealthy for canine consumption… so they of course banned companies from using it, right?


The pet food manufacturers argued that it was too important to do away with, and instead of banning the substance outright, the FDA cut the amount that pet foods were allowed to contain in half.

My message to them is this:

WAKE UP. Half of a dose of poison is still poison!
(Side note: Make sure to NEVER give your dog food that contains
Ethoxyquin, or its two equally dangerous companion chemicals –
BHA and BHT).

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