Fix Separation Anxiety

As a dog trainer the thing I see the most often is separation anxiety issues on a daily basis. Dogs often travel in groups, eat, in groups, sleep in groups, and that is their natural way they live. When you break that naturally occurring characteristic, dogs will often whine to be close to the pack. Since there is power in numbers, when dogs are by themselves they can get hurt and become prey. First step is to understand why dogs do that and that is why is because they need to be in their pack.

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When trying to fix your dog’s separation anxiety you must be very patient. Repetition is your friend when training your dog to get rid of separation anxiety. The first thing you need to do is leave the room for 5 seconds. The trick is to leave for small increments of time until your dog gets used to you. You may have to do this everyday for a few weeks until your dog gets used to getting rid of separation anxiety. Don’t get frustrated when your dog whines and just know that you will have to work on it.

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The key is to praise your dog or give him a treat when he is not whining. Use positive reinforcement and give your dog a treat when they are doing something that is good. Dogs are just like a small child and you have to teach them what is the right way to do things. It’s easy to get frustrated and mad when they misbehave, but never hit your dog. This only makes them scared of you and not like you.

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Thank you for taking the time to read about separation anxiety with your dog and I hope that you take care of your dog.

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