Essiac Tea is a Natural Cancer Cure for Humans and Pets

3 Essiac Tea

Essiac Tea is a natural cancer cure long since used by humans as an alternative cancer treatment.

Essiac for pets is safe and can help improve their health and quality of life.

My first call of the day was “Can Essiac tea help my cat with cancer?”  Yes!

Using essiac for pets is an idea whose time has come. Let me explain why.

Domestic pets are becoming increasingly likely to suffer from some form of cancer in their lifetime. Almost half of all pets in North America over the age of 10 will develop cancer.

Although the causes are not all certain, most are likely to be found from the environment: pesticides, pet food preservatives, second-hand smoke, improper diet, and lack of exercise all contribute to poor pet health and may be responsible for the increase in diseases like cancer.

In addition, pets (like humans) can develop debilitating conditions such as arthritis, which can cause your well-loved family pet considerable pain and suffering, and limit their ability to get proper exercise, possibly leading to premature death.

Treating your pet for cancer or other serious diseases can be costly. A growing number of veterinarians and pet owners are turning to more cost-effective alternative and complementary treatments. Among the supplements being used is essiac, for many of the the same reasons it is used by humans. Essiac for pets is not dangerous and is just as safe for dogs, cats, and other animals is it is for humans.
Essiac for pets may help with their health by:* Building the immune system by increasing production of antibodies.* Helping the body to destroy benign growths and tumors.* Protecting cells against free radicals.

* Strengthening muscles, organs, and tissues.

* Removing toxic accumulation in the body, including heavy metals and other environmental toxins.

* Aiding in bowel detoxification and elimination.

* Adding strength and flexibility to bones, joints, and lungs.

* Purifying the blood.

Disease Prevention

The best treatment is always prevention. To help ensure your pet stays healthy, follow these simple steps:

* Provide regular veterinary examinations to detect any disease or problems early.

* Provide your pet with a healthy diet. Avoid foods with chemical additives.

* Get your pet plenty of exercise.

* Give your pet plenty of fresh, clean water.

* Avoid using chemical cleaners and sprays in the home. Natural cleaning products are better for all of us.

* Avoid exposing your pet to second-hand cigarette smoke.

* Avoid using pesticides and lawn chemicals anywhere your pet plays.

* Give your pet plenty of love and attention.

*Use essiac for pets daily to help build your pet’s immune system and cleanse toxins from its body.


The essiac for pets dosage varies with the size of your pet, and ranges from 1/2oz to 2oz of tea per day. Some very large dogs can take 3oz or more. We recommend the following dosages and products, according to your pet’s weight:

Weight Dosage

Up to 15 lbs 1/2 oz of tea per day

15 to 40 lbs 1/2 oz of tea, twice per day

40 – 80 lbs 1 oz of tea, twice per day

Over 80 lbs 2-3 oz of tea, twice per day

You should brew essiac for pets in exactly the same way as if you were brewing the tea for a human.

A note on dosage: as a guide for treating animals, it is best to assess the dosage according to their weight. A cat weighing eleven pounds is doing well on 1/2 oz. daily, while a large and heavy dog of 120 pounds would need an adult dose of 3 oz. daily.

With that said, the best results we have seen with essiac for pets have been with animals who had a much larger dose than these recommended doses. We feel that the best hope for good results is to increase the dose as much as possible.

One issue with large doses for pets is the amount of rhubarb they end up ingesting. Rhubarb is a laxative, and that is possibly the main reason it is included in essaic. (In the earliest years of the 20th century, chemotherapy treatments tended to cause constipation, but that is not the case anymore.)

Dogs have much shorter digestive systems than humans, and they are much more vulnerable to diarrhea. A larger dose of essiac for pets must be balanced against the amount that can be taken without causing the pet to have diarrhea. One way to decide what the dose for a pet ought to be is to increase the amount very gradually, until they get diarrhea and then back off to the previous dose. If the diarrhea does not subside with smaller and smaller doses, discontinue the use of essiac.

Methods of Administering Essiac for Pets

There are a couple of ways to give essiac to your pet. One way is to mix the tea with your pet’s favorite broth – chicken, tuna, beef, etc. Use just enough broth to disguise the taste so that they will take the dose. Feed them using an eye dropper (cats and small dogs) or a turkey baster (larger dogs). This is the preferred method, because the tea is not diluted in any way, and is administered directly. Although it is recommended to give your pet essiac one hour before or two hours after a meal, many people have also had success mixing it right in the pet’s food.

Another way is to simply mix the brewed tea in the pet’s water. You will probably have to experiment to see which way works best for you. Some pets may not like the taste of essiac mixed in with their water or food. (Our dog Larry seems to love the stuff, however, and will lick up any essiac powder that makes it to the floor…)

If you discover another way that works for you, please tell us! Here is a suggestion from one user that really works:

“I began giving my dog the essiac mixed with a warm chicken or beef broth. She soon tired of this and refused to take it. I purchased a large syringe from a farm supply store, mixed up a new batch of tea, and gave it to her by pulling her cheek back and squeezing it gently into her mouth. To this batch of tea, I added 3 drops of Stevia (per 1/2oz of tea) to sweeten it and I gave it to her cold without broth to reduce the amount of the liquid. It worked well, and she is now drinking it out of a bowl. I put the bowl down and walk away. She always drinks it. If I stay and watch, she won’t drink it. Hope this helps someone else.” – V, Ontario, Canada

Remember…giving your pet essiac will make them thirstier, so make sure they have plenty of water available. This will have a additional beneficial effect on their health, by making them more hydrated.

Essiac for pets is safe, but as with any supplement, it must be used thoughtfully and in moderation.

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