Natural Dog Care MEDICINE BAG for your DOG

2 Medicine Bag

What natural dog care products whould you never be without?

What are the most important ingredients to have available at ALL TIMES in your DOGGIE MEDICINE BAG?

1.  Benadryl

2.  Activated Charcoal Capsules

3.  Hydrogen Peroxide

4.  Crazy Glue

5.  Wound Wash

6.  Antibiotic Cream

7.  Non-Stick pads

8.  Paper Tape

9.  Tacky wrapping gauze

10. Golden Seal Tincture

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  1. Gabrielle Mittelbach
    June 6, 2009

    Can’t wait to read the next entry! When you told me that Benadryl was safe for dogs last year, that saved me a trip to the vet. Now I need to know what else to keep in my first aid kit.

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