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The Book That Changed My Life

Over the years I have learned much. Initially I came to this field of alternative medicine for my dogs due to lack of money.  I had a Jack Russell Terrier in those days. His name was Milo. What a doll.

At about age 6 he started coughing one day. The cough sounded sort of like a kennel cough, raspy and short, but much worse and more often. It got worse as the days went by so I had to go to the vet. After a week I thought he might be dying.  At that time in my life I was fully immersed in school. My plan was to get through school in half the time so I was enrolled in double normal classes. I was working on my masters degree in psychology.  I had a child, age 15, and was unemployed collecting welfare in order to not starve.  Point is, funds were limited. But when it comes to your dog, who feels like a second child, what else can  you do? I didn’t know about alternatives then and just went anyway.

After a blood test the diagnosis was Valley Fever. This is one of the rare viruses that people and animals can get.  I was told the dog would die if we didn’t attack the virus with some pretty hefty medicine that would cost 2 thousand dollars to start.  At best, I could go to Mexico and pick it up for $500.00.  Guess what, I didn’t have that kind of money. L

This is now more than 10 years ago but the internet was starting to flow with “”  as the major search engine. I don’t think I even knew what google was back then. With an interest in alternative medicine, but knowing nothing, I searched “alternative medicine dog valley fever”.   Wow!  Within minutes I found an article written by a vet who had cured her dog with sulphur .  Sulphur is bought as a powder form for about 4 dollars at a pharmacy.  I was instructed by the website to purchase empty gelatin  caps. The dosage for my dog was lined out in that article.  I followed the instructions. The only bad side affect was the dog let off gas that smelled like sulphur  pits. Really bad! But a small price for a cure. Within 2 weeks my dog went back to the vet. They tested his “titer” and the levels were down to normal. The vet was shocked and wanted all my literature. Today I hope that vet has expounded on the uses of alternatives into his practice. Too bad I don’t have his number anymore.

In the mean time, my dogs journey to well health was so amazing that I could not let go of the idea “what else” could be cured with natural substances.

Time passed. I went to school a lot. I got my Ph.D. in clinical psychology and got a job where I designed an art program for the mentally ill.  Even during those years of working with people that were taking numerous drugs for their mental illness, I always felt swayed to look for an alternative healing method. In that program I studied the effects of creative expression on the brain. Over time, a 3 year study, I concluded in my Ph.D. research that art making helps to stabilize some symptoms of mental illness. The work was rewarding.  But eventually the program ran out of money and a job for me.

This led me to today. Unemployed and loving my animals I moved out to the country on an acre of land and started accumulating furry little children. I have six dogs in all and once a year I breed French Bulldogs.  My website is loaded with cute pictures if you want to smile. .  Eventually my life has become very full with caring for six dogs and writing articles and my blog  Throw 4 cats into the mix and you can imagine what a vet bill I would encourage every time something goes a little wrong.  I have 10 times the odds against me with  so many pets.

A couple of years ago my 20 year old cat had a swollen face.  I opened her mouth to look for a bad tooth since there was no visible anything on her outer cheek. With minimal pressure inspecting her mouth out squirted something that looked like thousand island dressing.   An abscess!  Yuk.  She didn’t complain of pain but I knew there was something inside of there that wasn’t good.

I went back to the computer like so many years ago and searched for alternatives to healing an abscess in a cat. This led me to buy the book that would change my life forever.

I found “Vet Secrets Revealed”.  A  veterinarian in Canada, Dr. Andrew Jones, wrote this book.   He spoke to me on a personal level because he knows exactly what people spend on the vet. And, he has pets of his own and has learned so much beyond his normal scope of veterinary school.  Like a student I sucked in all of what he had to say.  The most important thing at hand that day was how to treat the abscess. It recommended a treatment of “silicia”, a homeopathic remedy and “goldenseal” and “echinecea” as tonics in the water.  Within 2 days the cat, 20 years old, was acting like a kitten, grabbing at my foot as I walked by the bed.  The  wait time limit to going to the vet was if she was not better in 3 days or started acting sickly. We beat the cutoff by a day and I had a healthy cat again and had cured her with an alternative method that cost about 6 bucks.  Although now I can afford the vet unlike years before, it still feels good to save money and to have learned at the same time.

Since then I have studied Dr. Andrew Jones books. I  have his home course, and have not actually been to the vet in about a year.  I would not be stupid about not going to the vet, but I feel empowered to know what I do now know so that I can treat my own animals wisely and often times not subject them to unnecessary drugs.  I continue to research and have extended my degrees into the field of animal behavior psychology.  I am a qualified animal trainer and with the internet as a resource there is no reason to not be learning everyday.  And with six dogs and 2 cats I have frequent excuses to look for cures.

Click this link below to learn so much more. I recommend that when you get the book you print out a hard copy and save it to several desktops and on-line. When in an emergency situation you won’t need to have to remember where it is. And also, the hardcopy will allow you to mark pages and dog ear special places. If  you decide that I was wrong and that you don’t like it afterall, I am certain that Dr. Jones will refund your money. But I don’t think you will regret it ever. Enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge with others.


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