Natural Movement Dog Wheelchairs

Dog paralysis, disease or injuries may hamper your pet’s mobility. While these could be remedied via medication or surgery, some cases may not restore dog mobility effectively. To remedy this, dog wheelchairs are available.

However, dog wheelchairs may pose problems, as opposed to solutions.  Additional problems can crop up especially if you are using an unsuitable dog cart for your pet.

This is where Best Friend Mobility comes in. With Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs, challenges to your dog’s mobility will be a thing of the past. Best Friend Mobility remedies the challenges posed in using dog wheelchairs by fitting dogs with the most suitable, even innovative carts.


On peeing or defecating

The taxing task of taking out your dog from in and out of the dog wheelchairs would soon be a thing of the past, if you use Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs. The Best Friend Mobility wheelchair allows your dogs to still perform bodily functions even without leaving their harness.

On snagging

One major downside of most dog wheelchairs lies in its ill-fitting fixed straps. These fixed straps lack the capacity for adjustment, and they actually pose a serious danger to your pet: the loose fitting makes these straps prone to snagging on twigs, furniture or other protruding surfaces.Our dog wheelchairs have adjustable straps so you won’t have to worry about your dog tripping or snagging harness straps on fixtures. The risks of snagging and other accidents are greatly reduced by Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs’ snug-fitting adjustable straps. 

On pursuing active play

Because they are mass produced and are sized generally, the wrong fit may hinder your dog from playing freely. The parts of a dog wheelchair may be the main reason for the hindrance to dog mobility. Frames that are too large, improperly fitted brackets, or bolts that stick out may be factors to hampering dog mobility. The wheelchairs Best Friend Mobility provides fit like natural legs, allowing your dog to be as active as possible. In order to ensure maximum safety for your dog, we make sure that Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs fit your dog snugly by custom-fitting it for them. Because these are made of lightweight stainless aluminum frames, our dog wheelchairs allow your dogs to run and move freely as they can carry the carts around with ease. Mobility in a dog cart is thus truly enhanced.

Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs give other dog wheelchairs a run for their money. With Best Friend Mobility, your dog gets the best comfort that money can afford. Order one today!

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