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Natural Pet Care Alternatives

Here are some interesting articles that I stumbled upon today. Just sharing. In a hurry. My daughter was in an accident. She will be OK but I have extra responsiblities to be with her. But I wanted to pass along a good read. Go check these out.

Alternative/Natural Remedies for Pets : Whole Dog News

First of all, I want to make it clear that while natural remedies and alternative health care are effective and safe for animals that they should never been seen as the “magic bullet” and cure alls but rather should be always be used in …

How Potentially Lucrative Assortments Can Trap Small Retailers …

Let’s suspect the house house house pet supply emporium owner, after saying the tall margins generated by the dog toys, wants to serve enhance his assortments. He adds dog beds, ramps, collars, as good as multiform alternative toys. …

Anderson Cooper 360: Blog Archive – The birthday girl has fleas …

My dog is snoring. It is, as far as I’m concerned, one of the sweetest sounds in the world. Especially considering the alternative – a duo of pub-goers on the sidewalk below my window pondering that age-old question, “Why aren’t you …

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