Natural Pet Care in Odd Ways

Natural Pet Care at its finest?

In nature we expect certain couplings. The natural way for a dog to care for her puppies naturally is by nursing her own puppies. How about throwing into the mix another animals offspring? Is this a play on the words "natural pet care"? Princess, a Shih Tzu dog, is nursing three female puppies along with a newborn squirrel that she has adopted as one of her own. Doug Thomas, the owner of Princess, said the abandoned squirrel was found near his Agoura Hills property.  Ventura County Star, Sept. 09, 09 This story brings to mind that age old question: Is man really dogs best friend? We can laugh about it, but I see countless households with only one dog, no other animals and the humans that live with the dog. Whose idea is that anyway? Some people think I have gone overboard, I have SIX lovely dogs. Maybe by most standards that is a large group of dogs. I am a breeder of French BullDogs so therein is part of the reason.  But, I can easily imagine life with less, however, never just one. Even though they look to me as their Queen Bee who feeds them, puts them to bed and walks them everyday, there is nothing I can do to replace the expereince they have amoungst themselves when they play and cuddle. Sure, I realize that some people live in apartments, and two dogs might be too much, but have you ever considered the delight your dog would have with a cat?  This picture represents the possibility that any other animal could be a companion for your dog. I have heard of Hippos in the house, horse, ducks, ferrets, birds and now squirrels. I hope only that this article will reflect upon you single dog owners to reconsider why you have only one animal? Whose idea was it anyway?


Natural Pet Care


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