Treating dog bites

Dogs are predators that attack with strong sharp teeth that can deliver up to 450 pounds of pressure per square inch. A dog’s needle sharp teeth and very strong jaws can create deep puncture wounds or tear the flesh away. Depending on the body part bitten, the dog bite can cause lifelong injuries that will limit the victim’s mobility. A serious dog bite can even kill a person. When a dog sinks its teeth on the flesh of the victim, bacteria will be injected on the deep puncture wounds causing infections and viral diseases. One of the life threatening consequences of dog bite is rabies.

It would be very hard to prevent dog bites because dogs are the most common animal companions of man. Children and dogs form a close bond but children are the ones commonly bitten by their own dogs. So, how do you treat a dog bite?

First aid must be given to dog bite victims to prevent infection but it would be necessary to move the victim away from the dog. Lacerations and deep puncture wounds are the two basic types of wounds that can result from dog bites. Because bacteria is injected when the dog sinks the teeth to the flesh, it is common for puncture wounds to get infected. Lacerations are created when dog’s teeth tears away the skin.

Puncture wounds that are not heavy bleeders must be allowed to bleed so that the bacteria will be cleansed from the wound. Lacerations commonly bleed profusely. By applying direct pressure on the wound, bleeding can be stopped. Thorough cleaning is necessary for both types of wounds to prevent infection.

Dog bites can cause skin lacerations that need to be sutured but before taking the victim to a medical facility the bite wound must be cleaned thoroughly as bacteria allowed to stay inside the skin for several hours will have an opportunity to cause infection. Use antibacterial soap on the bite wound for about five minutes to minimize the risk of infection. Apply antibiotic ointment and cover with sterile gauze. A dog bite victim will be in pain. The pain that is mostly caused by the swelling will be minimized with an application of ice compress on the bite wound.

Dog bite victims will always be concerned with rabies more so if the dog’s immunization status is not verified. A person bitten by a stray dog must have to undergo a series of injections that constitute rabies therapy .

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