Understanding the reasons for dog attacks

Humans spend a lot of their time with dogs and while these animals make wonderful companions, the association can also have fatal consequences when dogs attack humans. In US over 1000 people require emergency treatments for injuries associated with dog bites every day. Dog breeds that are utilized for protection works are specifically trained to be aggressive. Dogs though were not branded as man’s best friends for nothing. Since the time dogs were domesticated, they have become man’s most loyal and affectionate pets. Blood of ferocious wolves run in a dog’s veins so that in spite of domestication, the instinct to hunt and the ferocious behavior remained. Even well a mannered dog will attack if the inherent ferocious nature is triggered by a person or by a situation in the environment.

Dogs have the strength to knock people down. A dog’s jaws and teeth have the power to deliver hundred pounds of pressure on human flesh thus it would not be surprising if people will be wary of these animals. Dogs are wonderful creatures and most people would choose a dog for a pet. It is really quite unfortunate that some dogs with aggressive behaviors would mar the outstanding reputation of man’s best friends.

Why do dogs show aggression? The attacks of dogs are commonly caused by human behaviors that trigger the dormant ferocious nature of these animals. For all the care people gave the their pet dogs, a lot of dog bite incidents are caused by the victim’s own pet. Dogs are pack animals and as such an owner should be aware of the dog’s tendency to dominate. Dogs are well loved pets that are considered as members of the family thus it is not surprising for an owner to give in to the wiles of the pet. Pet owners are advised against allowing a pet to be pushy as this behavior can turn into aggressiveness that will make the dog attack at the slightest provocation.

Dogs are very protective of their territory. A dog will attack if potential danger to what is considered as its territory is perceived. Never approach an eating dog especially if it has puppies as being territorial, the dog can attack. Dogs consider the human family as its pack. Because the pet is protective of its territory, the squeals of the playing master will cause the dog to attack the playmates.

Not all people love dogs. Dogs that are at the receiving end of humans cruel hands will attack either in fear or in self defense. Abused dogs adopted from rescue centers are noted to have the inclination to be snappish when approached even by the members of the family.

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