Vaccine Alternative for Dogs

Vaccine Alternative for Dogs

Vaccine Alternative for Dogs

A vaccine alternative for Dogs would be Nosodes.

They are a homeopathic preparation. When making nosodes, the virus or bacteria (or a substance that contains or is infected with the disease, such as respiratory discharge or infected tissue) is collected and processed. It is put through a complicated series of dilutions and succussions to increase its potency or to make it homeopathic-ally active. Through the process the raw material used is rendered harmless. No physical trace of the raw material left in the final product – just a highly potent remedy. A nosode created from a disease carries a mirror image or reflection of the disease, or in other words, the “molecular imprint” of it. When the nosode is administered, it sensitizes the immune system and helps it prepare the body for the defense against that same disease.

Homeopathis nosodes, the vaccine alternative for Dogs, work on the principle “let likes be cured by likes”. The point is to match a disease, or in essence its symptoms, to a remedy that when administered will cause the same symptom. This will then strengthen the body’s defense mechanism by helping it on a cellular level to recognize what the disease potentially could look like when it is introduced into the body.

In short, the reason why nosodes, the vaccine alternative for Dogs, work is based on the fact that the immune system is sensitized to the introduced molecular imprint without actually being exposed to the full strength of the living disease.

Laern more too about how  your dogs diet effects your dogs longevity for life and can also function as a vaccine alternative for dogs.

I talk about this on my radio show at Blog Talk Radio. Just remember “natural dog care”. Recordings are also here on the site in the right side widget bar.  Let’s live and learn together. Tune into my Blog Talk Radio show to learn even more about a vaccine alternative for dogs.

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