What is the best age to neuter a dog

Deciding to neuter the dog or not is a difficult decision for a dog owner. Neutering is often the option of responsible dog owners that are aware of the tragic plight of stray dogs – of the animals considered as man’s best friends that have to be put to sleep for being homeless. Dog lovers would not hesitate to support the program of minimizing the number of homeless dogs.

Neutering, a surgical procedure that is done on a dog to remove the testicles has the prime purpose of preventing reproduction. Neutering though is not done solely for the prevention of reproduction as dog experts attest that this surgical procedure give the dog a healthier, happier and longer life. Healthier – because a neutered dog will not be open to the risk of testicle cancer. The hormone level of a neutered dog is controlled thus bad behavior that is associated with mood swings will be controlled as well. Neutering decreases a male dog’s inclination to roam thus the possibility of accidents that can snuff the life of the pet will be lessened.

Many dog owner though cannot decide when to schedule the neutering of the pet . There are many beliefs about neutering the pet. Many owners believe that if the dog is neutered at an early age the physical development as well as the personality of the dog will be affected.

The playful and affectionate nature are some of the reasons why most people would choose to have a dog for a pet thus many owners would not dare neuter the dog at an early age because of the belief that the procedure will make the pet less playful and affectionate. These beliefs though are unfounded. The personality and the physical development of the dog will not be affected at all. When is the right time to have the pet neutered?

A dog can be neutered any time but ideally the procedure should be done before puberty. A pet owner would learn from the breeder the age of the dog but if the pet was obtained from a shelter considering the right age for neutering would not be possible. Dogs at any age can be neutered as long as the testicles have descended but ideally, the procedure must be done before the dog has attained sexual maturity. Dog experts generally recommend neutering at 6 months of age especially for small breeds that reach puberty early. Large breeds take longer to attain maturity thus German Shepherds, Great Danes and other large breeds can be neutered at about 1 year of age.

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