Why are dogs eating dirt

Dogs are addicting! This statement will be commonly heard from people that have dogs for a pet. Most households would have two or more pets. Dogs’ loyalty and affection to the human family is what made these animals gain the title of being man’s best friends. After domestication, dogs became the affectionate and loyal pets of man. Despite the long years of association these animals would exhibit behaviors that are puzzling to man. Eating dirt is one. So why do dogs eat dirt?

It is necessary for a dog owner to know the reasons behind the pet’s partiality to dirt so that the habit can be curbed. Parvovirus is a dreaded canine disease because of its high mortality rate. Dogs that eat dirt can be infected with parvovirus easily as the virus that is shed through the feces by an infected dog can remain on the dirt for months.

A dog that has the habit of eating dirt can be infested with whipworms. Poisoning is a very dangerous consequence of this behavior given the fact that dirt can be contaminated with anti freeze and other toxic substances. Knowing the reasons why the pet eats dirt is therefore necessary in getting rid of this unwanted behavior.

Dogs have huge appetites and one that is not given sufficient amount of food can eat dirt to satisfy the gnawing of the stomach. However, because dogs are pampered pets, dog owners ensure that the pet would never go hungry. What would be a more valid theory is that dogs are inclined to eat anything. Eating non-food items is known as pica. Pica and other unwanted habits can be the outcome of a behavioral concern. Dogs that are often left with no toys and no one to play with develop unacceptable behaviors. Boredom is one of the reasons why a dog will eat dirt.

The pet that eats dirt may be suffering from a gastrointestinal concern or from a nutritional deficiency. Eating indiscretion is a reason why the dogs has stomach upsets. Cheap commercial food may be low on mineral and vitamin contents. Dogs are truly amazing because they possess the ability to discern what is wrong with their systems. The inclination to consume dirt is a dog’s effort to correct the nutritional deficiency that results from a poor quality diet. The dog’s dirt eating habit must be stopped because of its potentially dangerous effects. The habit can be a wakeup call for the dog owner to devote more attention to the well being of the pet.

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