Why do dogs attack

Dog attacks on humans that range from minor to severe injuries are not uncommon given the amount of time humans spend with dogs. Every year more than four million dog owners and non-dog owners needs medical attention for minor to fatal injuries resulting from dog attacks. Dogs are inherently feral and the aggressive behavior is further honed for dogs utilized for protection work. Dogs though were not branded as man’s best friends for nothing. For ages, dogs are seen beside man – being a loyal and affectionate pet as well a dependable helper and protector. Dogs have the wolves for ancestors and in spite of being tamed, the aggressive nature and the high prey drive will kick in from time to time. A situation in the environment will trigger the latent ferocious nature of a gentle dog and the dog will attack.

Dogs are physically capable of toppling people down. A dog’s jaws and teeth have the power to deliver hundred pounds of pressure on human flesh thus it would not be surprising if people will be wary of these animals. Dogs are the most popular choice for a pet as these animals form a strong bond with their owners. Sadly, not all dogs have ideal temperaments and not all people have wonderful associations with dogs.

Why do dogs attack? The attacks of dogs are commonly caused by human behaviors that trigger the dormant ferocious nature of these animals. People have grown to love dogs, unfortunately, many pet owners are mauled by their own pets. It is not uncommon for dog to manifest dominance over what is considered as pack members because these animals are pack oriented. A pet owner may inadvertently allow the dog to be the leader of the pack. Pets are loved but it would not be wise to let the dog be the leader of the pack as the dominant behavior can develop a tendency to attack.

Dogs are highly territorial. A dog will attack if potential danger to what is considered as its territory is perceived. Children (and adults) are cautioned not to approach an eating dog as even the simple act of removing the dog bowl to add more food will prompt the dog to attack. Dogs consider the human family as its pack. A dog believing that the shouts of the playing young master is a cry for help can attack the playmates.

Not all people are animal lovers. Abused dogs may feel the need to attack when exposed to fearful situations. Dogs that had a traumatic experiences have the tendency to be snappish as even a hand extended in friendship will be viewed by the dog as a hand that will inflect pain.

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