Without your Dog, He Whines

You will often hear the most common problem with dogs is separation anxiety. Dogs are very social creatures and they consider you to be the pack leader. When you break that naturally occurring characteristic, dogs will often whine to be close to the pack. Since there is power in numbers, when dogs are by themselves they can get hurt and become prey. It’s a natural and innate things for dogs to be in packs so that is why they whine.

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One characteristic you must have when trying to cure a dog’s separation anxiety is that you need to have patience. Repetition is your friend when training your dog to get rid of separation anxiety. Leave the room for seconds at a time and if your dog stays quiet, praise him. The key is to leave for longer period of time until you can fully leave your puppy. Repeat this take if you want to cure separation anxiety and keep doing it for months. Don’t get frustrated when your dog whines and just know that you will have to work on it.

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It’s important that you stay consistent and give your dog a treat when he does good. Positive reinforcement works better than negative reinforcement so be sure to praise your dog when he is doing good. Think of dogs like children, you want to keep teaching them right from wrong. The worse thing you can do is hit your dog when they are doing bad. If you hit your dog, they will not want to be near you.

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I hope that you got everything you need to out of this article on separation anxiety on dogs.

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